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Advanced Severe-Duty Rubber Suspension

ULTIMAAX® is an advanced severe-duty rear rubber suspension designed to balance
outstanding durability, empty ride quality, loaded stability and mobility. Through its unique
design, the system offers premium ride quality in both empty and loaded conditions, with
increasing stability as the load increases.


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  • Equalising beam — Formed and robotically welded to provide a narrow profile for  weight savings. Distributes load equally between axles to improve maneuverability, stability and handling. Increases ground clearance with flat bottom design. Lowers the centre of gravity to increase stability.
  • Saddle — Triangular geometry provides structure and durability. Weight efficient design helps to increase payload, while offering a considerable weight savings versus competitive suspensions.
  • Frame hangers — Optimised design to balance durability and weight savings. Fabricated to offer flexibility with multiple truck configurations.
  • Rubber shear springs — Primary springs in unloaded condition, providing superb ride quality. React to longitudinal loads during braking and accelerating for minimal displacement.
  • Progressive load springs — Designed to balance empty ride quality and loaded stability.  Stiffness of progressive load spring increases as load increases, providing a unique balance of empty ride quality and loaded stability.
  • Longitudinal torque rods — Engineered to optimize resistance to axle wind-up during acceleration and braking.
  • Transverse torque rods — Heavy‑duty transverse rods ensure maximum lateral axle control and straight line suspension stability.