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Vocational Front Air Suspension

Designed for single, dual and tri-steer applications, the Hendrickson PARASTEER™ HD front air system is built to meet the demands of a variety of vocational and construction applications including concrete, crane, oil field, tank and other specialty trucks. PARASTEER HD is a uniquely designed suspension with no fixed steer axle spacing constraints, providing excellent axle spacing flexibility. This allows the end user, chassis manufacturer and body manufacturer to work together to obtain the optimum weight distribution for the application. Available in configurations up to 9,000 kg per steer axle, PARASTEER HD provides outstanding performance, ride quality and handling for tough specialty applications.


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  • No fixed steer axle spacing constraints, allowing the axle to be engineered into the position that best suits the application
  • Air springs equally support one hundred percent of the vertical load, cushioning the driver by isolating impacts from the road and offering more protection to the chassis and equipment
  • Four-bar linkage design maintains correct steering geometry under all conditions, minimising steering error caused by rough road, hard cornering and braking
  • Dual height control valves adjust to the load, resulting in a constant ride height and comfortable ride
  • System weight remains constant as steer axle spacing increases, offering an increasing weight advantage over competitive systems that require longer or larger components at higher axle spacings
  • Transverse torque rods increase lateral stability
  • Over-sized rubber bushings require no lubrication