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HA4-HA8 Series

Four and eight air spring suspension systems

Designed for single drive tractors or rigid units, the HA4™ uses four air springs to deliver both an exceptionally soft ride and excellent handling. 

HA8™ is a dual axle, eight air spring suspension system for heavy duty truck applications.

Capacity: Single axle: 11,500 kg to 13,000 kg. Dual axle: 17,000 kg.
Application: For tractor and rigid truck applications.


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  • Very low frequency (1.25 Hz) operation protects load, vehicle, and driver from road shocks
  • Suspension is completely non-reactive: wheel hop is eliminated, braking performance is improved, tyre life is increased; suspension is ideal for high-torque engines
  • Axle is secured by an "A" frame that controls fore, aft, and sideways movement, while permitting full vertical and roll axle travel
  • Lightweight, high-strength tubular anti-roll bar is mounted in rubber bushings