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Torque Rods

ULTRA ROD® All Hendrickson Torque and Transverse rods with ratings of 52K and below utilize the ULTRA ROD design. ULTRA ROD is lighter and more compact than conventional rods. The forged construction produces greater structural integrity, while the unique bonded bushing reduces the friction and heat that damages ordinary bushings - providing longer life and greater payload. ULTRA RODS are available in one or two piece configurations. Torque Rods - Longitudinal torque rods help maintain optimum driveline angles by absorbing axle braking and driving torque. This ultimately reduces vibration and helps prolong the life of driveline components. Transverse Rods - Provide lateral support for Hendrickson suspensions by transmitting loads directly into the frame, instead of through the suspension. This provides greater stability and roll stiffness as well as keeping the axle centered laterally and controlling axle walkout on walking beam suspensions.