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HT Series

Top Mount & Underslung

Hendrickson HT™ Series trailer air suspensions stand out as true trucking industry workhorses. Hundreds of thousands of HT suspensions are on the road under various trailers, from curtain-siders to heavy-haulers, from flatbeds to tippers.
The HT Series helps deliver value and additional profits by the trailer load. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and fewer parts provide the HT Series its durability and reliability for reduced maintenance and downtime. Its smooth ride provides superior protection for cargo and equipment to boost your bottom line.


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Innovation Built In™

  • Rigid trailing arm and solid axle connection
  • Simplicity of design reduces the number of moving parts, bushings and fasteners for minimal maintenance
  • Low spring rate for exceptional ride quality
  • Compatible with industry-standard axles
  • Large-bore shocks for longer life
  • Designed for use with multiple brake sizes and brake chamber orientations


  • Proven technology for kilometre after kilometre of dependable service
  • Voids positioned to optimally absorb road forces
  • The ideal combination of ride softness and roll stability

QUIK-ALIGN® Pivot Connection

  • Fast and easy axle realignment
  • Shear type bolt eliminates guesswork
  • Helps save time and money