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Tyre Pressure Control System

TIREMAAX™ PRO, an advanced automatic tyre pressure control system for the trailer industry that is capable of actively inflating or relieving the tyres to a pre-set pressure level. Its straightforward mechanical design balances tyre pressure at every wheel position by continuously monitoring and adjusting tyre pressure through the inflation or relief of the tyres based on changing environmental conditions – an important feature for achieving maximum tread life in any tyre configuration.
TIREMAAX PRO helps fleets and owner operators in their efforts to minimise costly tyre wear and improve productivity and fuel mileage. TIREMAAX automatic tyre inflation systems provide a simple, responsive approach to help you extend tyre life and increase fuel efficiency. These patented systems draw from the trailer air supply to keep you trailer tyres properly inflated rolling smoothly.


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Increase Tyre Life, Fuel Mileage and Productivity

  • Automatically checks tyre pressure
  • Directs air to tyres that fall below a pre-set pressure level
  • Trailer-mounted indicator alerts operator to system status
  • Bolt-in, ball-bearing rotary union
  • Aids in reducing run-flat failures and improving casing life

Increase Your Uptime

  • Helps extend service intervals for tyres
  • Helps reduce costly roadside service due to tyre failures

Calm Your Frustration Level

  • Backed by Hendrickson full-service support professionals
  • Check valves help prevent tyre pressure loss back through system
  • Independent trailer-based system, no tractor modifications required
  • Manual pressure check and fill available at hose end
  • May be combined with any INTRAAX; wheel-end configurations
  • No modification required to tyre or wheel
  • In-line check valves isolate each tyre
  • Seal or line leaks will not pressurise wheel ends
  • Does not pressurise the axle tube
  • Incorporates the patented Hendrickson axle filter
  • Vents through the axle to help prevent wheel-end contamination
  • Trailer-mounted indicator illuminates only when maintenance is required
  • Serviceable filter at supply port helps keep lines and seals clean
  • Comes preprogramed in pressure settings from 70 to 120 psi in five-psi increments
  • An integrated pressure control unit allows target pressure to be reset to any value other than the factory pre-set value
  • Checks tyre pressure continuously without pressurising the axle or wheel ends
  • Indicator comes on when system flow exceeds approximately 9.8 lpm (0.7 cfm)
  • Supply port takes 1/4-inch NPT fitting, delivery port takes 1/8-inch NPT fitting