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Wheel Ends

Wheel Ends

For fully integrated solutions that minimize operating costs and improve performance, specify a Hendrickson extended life wheel end package. Available on all INTRAAX®, CONNEX™ ST, TOUGHLIFT™ and TRLAXLE® suspension systems.
Hendrickson’s wheel end packages offer an impressive choice of hubs, drums, brake chambers, slack adjusters, ABS sensors and other options. Air disc brakes are available on most axles and suspension systems.


What does this mean for you? Lower operational costs,
reduced time and resources for:

  • Procuring, tracking and paying for individual components
  • Arranging and paying for freight on individual components
  • Receiving and warehousing individual components
  • Handling damaged components from shipping or bad installations
  • Gathering individual components and moving them to work cell
  • Installing bearings, seals, hubs, lube, hub caps, spindle nuts, drums and dustshields
  • Verifying and adjusting wheel-end play
  • Installing slacks and chambers
  • Checking if the ABS sensor signal is working
  • Verifying and adjusting stroke
  • Wheel-end quality control and final inspection
  • Cleaning up the mess
  • Handling warranty and technical support — Hendrickson takes care of this!

Improves your company’s bottom line:

  • Reduction in utilities, overhead and actual square footage required for storage
  • Allows potential to re-allocate people to more value added projects
  • Reduces financial carrying charges on component inventory
  • Less wear and tear on expensive tools