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Drum Brake Components

Drum Brake Components

HXS™ Hendrickson Extended Service™ brakes offer fully integrated solutions that extend brake component life and reduce maintenance costs.  Available on all INTRAAX® integrated suspension systems, CONNEX™ ST, TOUGHLIFT™ and TRLAXLE® non-integrated axles, Hendrickson features a complete line of high-quality brake shoe assemblies designed to suit various applications and brake ratings. 
Hendrickson also offers a complete line of replacement brake shoes, camshafts and cam tube kits to ensure continued superior performance of your axle and suspension.


Patented Cam Tube System

  • Extends brake component life.
  • Improves brake responsiveness.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.


  • Specially designed to prevent rust jacking.

Convenience of a Single Source Supplier

  • Offers a full line of replacement brake shoes, camshafts and cam tube kits.
  • Ensures the continued reliability and performance expected from Hendrickson.
  • Hendrickson handles warranty and technical support.