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Hendrickson continues to address the industry's demand for advanced trailer air disc brakes with the introduction of the proprietary MAXX22T™ air disc brakes.

Air disc brake packages are available as premium options on many of Hendrickson’s INTRAAX® integrated suspensions systems as well as TRLAXLE® non-integrated axles.



  • Consistent performance during extended braking application cycles such as long descending grades.
  • Compatible with advanced technologies such as roll stability systems (RSS) and electronically controlled braking systems (ECBS)
  • Available with TIREMAAX™ PRO, the industry’s first tire pressure control system, specifically designed to allow air to flow in both directions – to and from tires.


  • Optimized air disc bake for trailer applications
  • Unparalleled weight savings over standard ductile iron designs
  • Featuring proven WABCO brake technology
  • The only ADB system offered with Hendrickson comprehensive warranty coverage