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Trailer Axle

Hendrickson now offers a full line of non-integrated trailer axles for the global commercial and industrial markets.

By combining Hendrickson TRLAXLE™ Trailer Axles with HT™ air suspensions, Hendrickson offers the widest variety of suspension / axle combinations in the industry.


Standard Features


Axle features

  • Straight or bent tube axles
  • Axle capacities from 10,000 pounds to 65,000 pounds
  • Available in half-inch nominal wall to solid-bar options depending on your capacity requirements
  • Axle tracks available from 69 to 102 inches
  • Available with various spindle types
  • Friction-welded, press-up or solid-spindle connections, depending on your application
  • Patented axle filter protects the wheel-ends from contamination 

Brake features

  • Drum or air disc options
  • Drum brakes:
    • 12.25, 15, 16.5, 18 and 20 inch brake shoe diameters in various widths
    • Standard S-cam lengths of 17.625, 20.625 and 23.75 inches with numerous other lengths available
    • Forged spiders for rigidity
  • Industry standard brake linings available in standard service and extended service (HXS™)
  • Cam Tube (cam cover) options extend cam life
    • Available in limited cam lengths: 11.125, 17.625, 20.625, 22.625, 23.75, 24.25, 25.5, 26.5 and 28.375 inches

 Value-added optional features

  • Extended service and warranty periods to suit your application:
    • 2-year / 300,000 km - HXL2™
    • 3-year / 800,000 km - HXL5®
    • 5-year / 1,200,000 km - HXL7®
  • Ductile iron, ADI or aluminum hubs
  • Standard and heavy duty drums
  • Choice of slack adjusters and brake chambers
  • TIREMAAX™ PRO tyre inflation systems
    • For improved productivity, increased fuel mileage and decreased tyre wear
  • Dust shields (16.5-inch brake size only) are optional on dressed axles only
  • All Hendrickson Trailer Axles are backed by an industry-leading warranty and Hendrickson's "world-class" customer and technical support