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The Big Beasts that Feed the Mining Boom


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The mining industry of Australia continues to feed the ravenous world demand for raw material, which calls for innovation on a massive scale to dramatically increase productivity. The mining business is tough, typically in harsh conditions, demanding extreme performance from man and machine. These are the defining parameters that become the challenge of the design engineers at Hendrickson.

mining.jpg Hendrickson has been at the forefront of heavy suspension design for over 90 years. As load demands have increased, our designs have also evolved to keep pace with the ever increasing performance requirements.

Huge Australian mining operations, in harsh and often isolated locations have added another level of environmental complexity, demanding extreme loads on long haul cycles to maximise productivity, have also highlighted the need for high levels of reliability and durability.

Hendrickson expanded the range of suspensions increasing the models suited to the tough demands of mine haul operators.

mining2.jpg FRONT AXLE
The 13t capacity PARAMAAX (PAM-280) air suspension combined with the MEGATEK 13t front axle is designed to take out the constant road pounding improving the ride and durability of these big trucks.

Rugged is the way to describe the R1000 & RS850 tandem drive axle suspensions. Easily adapted to the truck chassis, these tough suspensions with a capacity of 45t are designed to provide maximum articulation with equal axle load share and durability operating in the extreme mining conditions.

Tough and practical, built for big loads the R1500 three axle drive suspension with a capacity of 68t provides a fully load sharing foundation for the massive haul rigs to maximise productivity. Suited to powered trailers and dollies that have allowed operators to further increase long haul loads upwards of 300 tonnes, the R1500 ensures all the engine torque is transmitted to the tires, thereby complementing the powerful tractor unit.