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AIRTEK Improves Handling


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Hendrickson first launched AIRTEK ® in the USA in 2003.

Since that time the customer base has continued to grow and the product specifications have continued to expand.

Benefits of AIRTEK are specifically operator focused.

  • Lower tare weight improves payload capacity even double on an 8x4 could be as high as 200kg depending on the specification.

  • Ride and handling are greatly improved (some cases over 30%) due to reduced flex in the axle and spring structure compared to an I beam and normal springs. The AIRTEK incorporates a thicker leading arm with a box section axle, together they form a more rigid structure improving roll stability by a massive 64% and response to the driver.

  • Tire life is also improved through the axle design being able to maintain a more consistent dynamic camber angle and toe setting.

  • Driver comfort is greatly improved as the AIRTEK uses a specifically designed air spring supporting the majority of the load, which helps to reduce the road input jarring into the chassis. This is a very important feature, given the OH&S concerns being raised in some driver applications.

  • Load share is a great benefit in Australia and simply incorporated in the 8x4. The productivity increase using the air system to load share is quickly realized with the improved mass management gains which directly impact operator income statement each month.

Ease of maintenance is also designed into the AIRTEK, specifically the patented 2 piece stub axle kingpin system which allows for very easy service of the kingpin bushes.

The AIRTEK Integrated front air suspension and steer axle system was first displayed in Australia at the Brisbane truck show in 2007. Since then a number of operators have entered evaluation programs to assess their fleet benefits.

AIRTEK has also been fully evaluated and tested by Iveco, with the official launch of AIRTEK in the Acco range in 2008.

For additional information about the cost-effective AIRTEK, contact Brad Sleath, OEM Account Manager, Hendrickson Asia Pacific Pty Ltd. Ph +61 3 8792 3600.