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INTRAAX Disc Brake Innovation – Sub 400kg


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Hendrickson and Wabco have continued the innovation evolution with a fleet winning combination of light weight components. The Hendrickson INTRAAX AAT230 combined with a redesigned PAN22 calliper resulting in the HTD-430 INTRAAX Disc Braked axle and suspension assembly.
This is an amazing result for fleets who have an eye on detailed productivity gains, the large 430mm rotor (most suitable to 22.5” wheels) mounted on INTRAAX AAT230 resulting in an axle and suspension weight below 400kg without compromising the 10.3t capacity.

This game changing combination was developed with an eye on lower fleet maintenance operating costs with an increase in brake safety. The new specification includes dust shields and a heavy duty guide pin bush with proprietary brake lining material compliant with ADR brake regulations.

The HTD-430 not only has a large rotor, the calliper also includes the revolutionary new WABCO “Advanced Steel Bronze” bush technology. This bush absolutely aligns with the Hendrickson innovative philosophy ensuring lower fleet operating cost.

INTRAAX has established itself as the light weight bench mark providing maximum fleet return on investment, now the bench mark is underlined with the launch of the new HTD-430 disc brake combination.

Details can be obtained from our WEBB AUS.HENDRICKSON-INTL.com or by calling the Hendrickson sales team on 03 8972 3600