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Cracking the Japanese Trailer Market


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Hendrickson Asia Pacific operating from their office in Dandenong are responsible for the distribution of the truck and trailer range of Hendrickson products throughout the markets of the Asia Pacific region. The toughest of markets is Japan. The homologation standards, the fleet expectations and the attention to detail is at a much higher expectation than any other country in the region.

HAPPL have been there for the long haul. It was 1997 when they first ventured into the land of raw fish, packed trains and incredible respect, a culture which would impact how business should be conducted from the land down under.

The trailer market has been dominated by spring suspensions and old style heavy axles from Germany - it was not about to change overnight. There has been the occasional adventurous operator who accepted innovation from far-sighted OEM’s who understood change would come, change to tare weight, air suspension and durability.

INTRAAX is not new in Japan, Hendrickson discovered a very progressive fleet operating in the northern fruit bowl of Hokkaido who had imported trailers built in the USA and has a very successful operation transporting produce down to the southern islands.

The decision was taken in 2011 to open an office in Yokohama and appoint local staff who could take a targeted approach to the Japanese market. The rest is history, although a very short one. Intraax has been included on a number of trailer brands, across a range of applications throughout the country. A small start but proof that INTRAAX continues to lead technology, with the innovative design, providing a robust platform at the lowest possible tare weight.

The three axle dump trailer shown has a payload of 26.5t which is 700kg more than the same trailer using the old style axles and spring suspension from the EU. The operator savings are also extended with the fitment of TIREMAAX pro to ensure the tires are all at the same working pressure.

The lift axle system allows the trailer to run empty with one set of wheels off the ground to extend tire life and reduce operating costs.

The future is always an opportunity to change, to lead, to innovate with a technology focus that ensures profitability and safety for fleet operators who are willing to use advanced technology to take their business to the next level. Hendrickson innovation makes their choice an easier one.