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Emerald Carrying Company go with INTRAAX HXL7


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Transporting fuel to the Bowen Basin coal mines in central Queensland can be a hefty task for any transport fleet, therefore Emerald Carrying Company is very selective it when comes to purchasing new equipment. The company made the decision to have the latest order of four B-double tankers equipped with Hendrickson Intraax 250 HXL7 suspensions based on the product’s tried and true performance.

Like many transport operations, Emerald Carrying Company started out with just one truck. Established by Bill and Joan Haylock in 1965, the company spent its early days carting general freight, predominantly on rail before extending the business into road transport in the late 1970s. It wasn’t until 1994 that the business began transporting fuel. Although the company still caters to general freight needs, fuel transportation has grown into the company’s core task.

Over the years, the company has experienced great success. The business now employs 135 people and has a tanker fleet consisting of 50 combinations, including a mixture of B-doubles and AB triples.

It has been nearly 50 years since the business was started and despite its success, Emerald Carrying Company has remained true to the Haylock name. Bill and Joan’s son Greg Haylock now heads the business as managing director, and he is supported by two of his brothers. David Haylock manages the fuel division, while Peter Haylock looks after the general freight side of the business.

While the company’s tankers are used to transport fuel all over the state, including service stations and depots, their main duty is to transport diesel to the Bowen Basin.

The Bowen Basin is the largest coal reserve in Australia. Extending along a stretch of approximately 60,000 kilometres in central Queensland, it is made up of 34 operational coal mines that extract over 100 million tonnes annually.

Emerald Carrying Company’s latest order of four 25 metre tri-axle B-double tankers, all manufactured by Marshall Lethlean, is due for delivery by mid June and will be put straight to work, carting diesel into the coal mines at Gladstone and Mackay.

The decision was made to have each of the new tankers fitted with Hendrickson INTRAAX 250 HXL7 suspensions based on their proven performance in the field. “We had used Hendrickson INTRAAX in the past and made the decision to go back
to it. The product has been around for a long time so I don’t foresee any major issues with it down the track,” says Greg. “They are both durable and light; and
tare means a lot when you are working
in this industry. These combinations will be able to carry to a payload of up to 51,000 litres.”

Intraax was the first integrated trailer air suspension, axle and braking system. Designed for ease of maintenance, it features Tri-Functional™ bushing technology for longer life and a smoother ride; Quik-Align™ for simple axle alignment; a rigid trailing arm and solid axle connection; and weighs as little as 368kg (Intraax 250 HXL7 as used by Emerald Carrying Company weighs 412kg). For optimal structural integrity, it is finished with a patented axle wrap. Emerald Carrying also chose Hendrickson’s new wheel end, the HXL7, which incorporates a light weight alloy hub with the PRECISION320™ nut system and wheel end monitor as standard offering a 1.2 Million km or 5-year on-highway warranty. “Staff from Hendrickson actually came to visit our workshop staff to provide training courses on the suspension, and how to maintain them and look after them. Hendrickson has been really proactive which is great,” says Greg.

By incorporating a 5.75 inch Large Diameter Axle (LDA™) into the suspension module, bending stiffness has been increased by 14 percent when compared to a standard five inch axle, thus resulting in less deflection when loaded. In addition Hendrickson is now incorporating a lower shock bracket which not only provides additional support for the lower shock mounting, but also offers increased endurance in severe applications.

For further durability and reduced down time, Hendrickson Extended Service (HXS™) linings are now included as standard with 16.5 inch x 7 inch extended life brakes. HXS™ linings last 27 percent longer than Hendrickson’s standard 4515 linings. To add, these linings also provide extended maintenance intervals thus assisting in reducing running costs.

In addition to the new tankers, Emerald Carrying Company has ordered a convertible B-double semi trailer combination from O’Phee Trailers that is also fitted with Hendrickson Intraax suspension. Due for delivery in mid July, the combination will be used to cart pebbles to Brisbane and general freight on the return trip.

Looking forward, Greg is hoping to continue to grow the business and hints that there may be more orders to follow. “There are so many opportunities out there, so if we can pick up any of those then there is a good chance the business could grow a further 10-15 percent in the next 12 months,” says Greg.