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R Series

Heavy Duty Solid Mount Suspension

  • Available with 54, 56, 60, and 72.5 inch equalizing beams.
  • Fabricated walking beams (40,000 to 46,000-lb. capacity) are lighter and stronger than cast beams.
  • Durable construction makes the R Series perfect for extra heavy-duty applications.
  • Equalizing beam design provides exceptional axle articulation.
  • Lightweight for added payload capacity.
  • Bar Pin Beam End Connection extends service life and allows axle alignment capability for increased tire life.
  • Durable high confinement rubber centre bushing (40,000-lb. capacity) offers reduced maintenance for fewer rebushings over the life of the vehicle.
  • Heavy-duty bronze centre bushing is standard on 46,000-lb. to 52,000-lb. capacity suspensions